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We understand this is a trying time and because of that, we work closely with each patient to help restore strength and confidence, regain function and mobility, and build an independent and rewarding life.

Each year, more than 130,000 individuals in the United States undergo the amputation of a limb and face a challenging period of physical recovery. More than that, they must deal with a full range of complex psychological, emotional, and social issues.

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Coordinated therapy with you and your doctor

Patients who use orthotics for their legs, arms or spine as part of their daily activities, and/or part of their rehabilitation program, require a multidisciplinary evaluation and prescription. They also require a routine follow-up for changes or replacement.  


If you require any of these devices, we can help with physical therapy. Call our experts today!

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The professionals at Summit Physical Therapy will work closely with your doctor and prosthetist to make sure your device fits properly and you are getting the proper training for your needs.


Our goal is to restore you to your highest level of function through physical therapy exercises. We want to help you get back to living a full and active life.

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