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Our team of expert physical therapists will design a treatment plan based on your needs. The plan may include manual therapy, spinal stabilization exercises, functional training, or therapeutic massage.

Whether your neck or back pain is caused by injury, a medical condition, or surgery, our team specializes in delivering the most effective treatment techniques for maximizing your daily activities and minimizing your pain.

Back and neck injury treatment

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Design a back treatment plan that's right for you

Today, nearly 80 percent of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives, and 50 percent experience neck pain.


These two afflictions are among the most common reasons for doctor visits and contribute heavily to disability, lost work days and high cost of health care. You don't have to endure this kind of pain without help!

Fight against back pain common problem

Our back injury / spinal care rehabilitation program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your back, including posture, flexibility, strength, and functional limitations.


We address all spinal-related issues, including headaches, neck pain, thoracic and rib pain, low back and pelvic pain or injuries.

We have exceptional treatments!