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When you are experiencing pain or a decline in performance unique to a work-related injury, it makes sense to seek a highly trained professional. Choose someone who can help you return to work using cutting-edge techniques that are supported by the latest in science.


Let our professionals help you get back to where you were. Your physical therapist will design a treatment program to improve your function, maximize your abilities, and speed up your recovery.

Whether it is a minor fender bender or a serious vehicle collision, any person involved can sustain an injury.


Choose a physical therapist who can get you back on your feet and get maximum results to return to your normal lifestyle.


We can organize and implement a treatment plan to get you up and about and back to the activities you love!

Helping you overcome your auto injury

Learn more about your work-related injury therapy options

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We design a customized treatment plan for you

Our services support work-injury prevention and employee rehabilitation. We can help get you back to work by performing pain relieving treatments and teaching you exercises you can perform at home to help you recover.


We can assist physicians, insurance companies, case managers, and employees by providing education regarding ergonomic work practices and the use of protective body mechanics that help establish and maintain healthy work habits.

Get back to work sooner with our help

Your body is unique, and every body responds differently. Typically, the earlier you can begin therapy after your incident, the quicker you will recover.

Get personalized auto accident injury treatment