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You will be treated by a highly qualified and caring physical therapist who is dedicated to improving your health. You will also work with the most technically and medically advanced equipment. Let our experienced therapists help you get back to where you were.

When you receive physical therapy treatments or sport physiotherapy, you will receive one-on-one attention only from a licensed physical therapist. Your physical rehabilitation will be specifically designed based on your unique situation, needs, and goals.

Exceptional outcomes

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Experienced therapists

There are many reasons why individuals may require physical therapy, including post-operative rehabilitation, acute or chronic pain, or athletic injury rehab. The best way to care for your body is to keep it strong and stable—we can help with all of this!

One-on-one care

Weight-bearing joints have to support some, if not all, of your body weight. The higher the number on your bathroom scale, the more wear and tear you put on your joints. Losing weight reduces pressure on your knees, hips, and back. It also helps prevent joint injury.


Keeping your weight within a healthy range is the best thing you can do for your joints.

Lower weight for healthy joints